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Ever tried intuitive eating???

I was recently at a conference in Phoenix with a room full of mental health professionals.  We were there learning a fascinating technique to unlink the emotional memory of trauma in the brain. The implication for using this technique in helping my clients overcome stress or emotional eating is more than exciting.  What this email […]

Do not follow a Keto diet without reading this first

At risk of being attacked by all of the keto coaches out there, I’m determined to share the truth about the keto diet.  If you follow a high-fat, low-carb keto diet the way it’s taught all over the internet, you’re unlikely to lose any real weight, and you’re likely to end up actually gaining.  What!? […]

Why Willpower is a Terrible Dieting Strategy

If you’re anything like I was, you keep this tape running in the back of your mind that says, “I know what I need to do, I just need to come up with the willpower to stick with it…” But…if you’re honest with yourself, haven’t you also realized by now that willpower is totally unreliable […]

If you could sit on this bench for an hour…

“Michelle, even with her multi-millions, Oprah can’t even get results like your clients are getting…”  My online colleague and friend, Julie, passed away very suddenly a few months ago and I’d love to have had a chance to sit for an hour with her face-to-face and tell her what she meant to me.  We have […]

Meet Some of Our Low Carb Cavegirls

Check out the Amazing results from some of our low carb cavegirls and read their testimonials.

Success Stories

Hello friend. I’m Michelle Rankin and I’m thrilled you popped by.

I spent years struggling (and gaining weight) trying to figure out how to apply a low carb high-fat lifestyle to my busy life. I was frustrated, lost, hopeless, and completely confused as to why my metabolism seemed more broken than everyone else’s. I was always on the sideline, waiting for the day I would start living – you know…. the day you feel comfortable in your own skin…


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