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Can you be addicted to food?

I’d venture to guess that you have always kept at least a little bit of sugar in your pantry. I’d also venture to guess that you’ve never eaten scoops of it right out of the bag. But the moment you’ve added it to the creamed butter in the mixing bowl to start making cookies, you’ve […]

Is Your Inner Rebel Blowing Your Diet AGAIN?

I talked in my last post about our inner Critic and how she keeps us playing small in order to protect us from external Criticism. Today, I want to introduce you to her (even) less mature although somewhat more entertaining younger sister, our inner Rebel. Both of these show up as disempowering voices within each […]

The Inner Critic and Guilt/Shame About Food

It’s a fascinating human phenomenon, the way we get in our own way and keep ourselves from achieving the exact thing we most desire. I just had this happen to me yesterday. It showed up as an Upper Limit Wine Craving. It goes like this… We feel a tug and start to expand and grow […]

The Insomnia Estrogen Connection

Ladies, for those of you that have weight issues, insomnia, estrogen dominance, anxiety or depression, and you’ve tried every diet, every supplement, read all the books, googled for hours… My story might change everything for you. I hadn’t slept through the night without the help of a sleeping aid in 30 years. For reals. Not […]

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Hello friend. I’m Michelle Rankin and I’m thrilled you popped by.

I spent years struggling with my health and gaining and losing the same 30lbs over and over again. I was frustrated, lost, hopeless, and completely confused as to why my metabolism seemed more broken than everyone else’s. I was always on the sideline, waiting for the day I would start living – you know…. the day you feel comfortable in your own skin…


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